Krystal Ka'andi

"No one is perfect. Don't expect me to be!"

A young Miqo'te girl who seeks adventure and knowledge! As a skilled Arcanist, she is able to tackle any obstacle in her way with the help of her Emerald Carbuncle, Carby. She is very loyal to her friends and will always look after anyone else in need of help - even if helping someone leads to trouble.

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Krystal Ka'andi @ Balmung (Crystal)

Name: Krystal ka’andi
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race (Clan): Miqo’te (Seekers of the Sun)
Nameday: 29th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon

Alignment: Neutral Good
Language: Eorzean/Common
Occupation: Arcanist

City-State: Limsa Lominsa

Basic Information

Name: Krystal ka’andi
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race (Clan): Miqo’te (Seekers of the Sun)
Nameday: 29th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
City-State: Limsa Lominsa
Alignment: Neutral Good
Language: Eorzean/Common
Occupation: Arcanist


Height: 4'9
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Style: High Ponytail
Hair Color: Brunette
Skin Tone: Soft Light

Body Features: Busty with an hourglass body structure, as well as a large fluffy tail reaching down pass her knees when straighten out.

Fashion Style: Her signature outfit is a white and black Moonfire Halter top, followed by a black skirt with white long stockings, along with her favorite Blackbosom boots.

She loves to collect and wear many different styles of boots: from ankle boots to knee-high and everything in between. While she enjoys many different clothing styles, she tends to stick with her signature look the most.


Pro: She is very compassionate towards her friends and to those around her. She is open-minded and very positive.

Con: She is too trusting and forgiving. A little sensitive and easily fluster leading her to troubling situations.

Krystal is a sweet, caring girl who is loyal to her friends and kind to anyone she meets. She is always looking to experience new things and make new friends along her adventures. She is mostly a follower who is ready to take orders when they're given to her. Both her kindness and trustworthiness typically lead to people taking advantage of her -which can be both dangerous and serious depending on the situation.

Favorites / Interests

Color: Sky Blue (Carby Blue to her)
Holiday: All Saints' Wake
Music: Tsukuomi's Pain (Orchestral Version)
Food: Herring Pie
Snack: Candy Apples

Likes: Anything Carbuncle related, all types of orchestrion music, exploring, books/stories, and fashion

Dislikes: Rude people, spicy foods, spiders, and getting her tail pulled

Hobbies: Exploring new places, reading books, hanging out with her friends, writing stories, dressing up

Early / Present Life

Krystal was an orphan who spent most of her life living in the Cedarwood of Lower La Noscea. She lived with a Hyur family who took and raised her as one of their own. Later in her life, she left the family to pursue her dream of becoming an adventurer.

The excitement of exploring Eorzea and learning it's history filled her lust for adventure even more. She decided to study and become an Arcanist after discovering their power to manifest a Carbuncle by their side. Krystal spent two years studying as an Arcanist until she was ready to register at the Adventurer's Guild - thus becoming the adventurer she aspired to become.

As her life went on, she bumped into another Miqo'te girl by the name of Kat who also was an orphan at a young age. The two became extremely close and decided to make a last name together - and that name was Ka'andi. The two spent three years with each other until they decided to separate and chase their goal on their own.

As an adventurer, Krystal came across some dangerous situations for herself. Some of these situations involves getting captured by some random thugs, a dangerous morbol creature, or even getting captured by The Garlean themselves who took her to their lab for some pleasurable experiments involving tentacles. Of course she was able to escape and free herself from these experiences.

Krystal continues to pursue the life as an adventurer, despite the dangers that come along with it. She journeyed far and experienced many obstacles in her life, but her chapter has only just begun.

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About Me!

I enjoy FFXIV a lot! It's a place where I can escape real life and just have fun! You can find me in-game doing content like raiding, roulettes, etc. You might even catch me RPing somewhere as well. I hang out in Limsa most of the time while talking to some friends or waiting for a que to pop. If you want to meet me, then you can find me there near the aetheryte! I met a lot of great friends on this game, so I'm hoping to make more as I continue to play!

I'm a pretty relaxed person. I enjoy gaming, Art, listening to music, watching anime, etc. I deal with a lot of drama and stress in real life, so I try to avoid that as much as possible here.

I RP occasionally, but most of the time I will be doing in-game content. However, If you do want to RP with me, then let me know through Tell! I'm open to try any RP ideas you have in mind, so don't be scared to tell me those ideas regardless of what it is. We can discuss it together! I would love to see where my adventures take me.

In-Game Me!

I'm a SMN main! I started playing FFXIV at the beginning of ARR, but I've been playing SMN ever since HW. If you ever need a caster for a group, then I'm your Miqo'te! I'm also a SCH main for healing. I just started healing in ShB, but I'm getting the hang of it!

I enjoy doing end-game raiding (whenever I get the chance.) It's been awhile since I was in a static, so I mostly pug all my farming and savage runs. I am free to do anything else in-game as well! Farming, dungeons, etc.! If you ever want to run anything together then let me know!